Turquoise….I’m obsessed.

So, as I know every bride can relate to…I have gotten a color/idea in my head, and every where I go, I’m obsessed with finding something that relates. Hours on Pinterest, pinning ALL night…Right now, my obsession. TURQUOISE.

What’s not to love? It’s bright, fresh, and so versatile. You can pair it with almost any color. Red, pink, orange….

Really, I love it. I almost took a picture of my kitchen table, to post, which is decked out in a white linen with turquoise and red birds. But then I thought, no, I don’t want anyone to glance at my kitchen table and think it’s a brides table.

I hope everyone has a bright and fresh day!



In keeping with 2012 trends, it’s time we talk about Ombre.

OMBRE: adjective: shaded or graduated in tone: said of a color

Our Ombre Booth at The Wedding Fair

I am totally obsessed with ombre right now. Hence, we had an ombre inspired booth:) Here is an upclose of the flower arrangement I made, so you can see the color progression.

So ombre is a fashion trend really, outside of the wedding industry, but I think it will find its place in weddings this year.

Here are some more ombre examples, that lend themselves towards the wedding industry.


So I am dying to do an ombre inspired wedding. I have visions of walking into a reception where the flowers on the front tables are lighter in color and it progresses back to darker colored flowers at he back of the room. Same with the lighting. Any brides out there up for that?



Winter Weddings


In San Antonio, we don’t get much opportunity to revel in the beauty of winter time. So while the weather is cooling off, and you are actually burning wood in your fireplaces, as I am right now, I thought I would share some winter wedding inspirations.


A few years back, I had a beautiful bride, Anna, that had just completed her residency as an OBGYN. She was my first bride to wear a fur shrug on her wedding day. It was absolutely beautiful, and I will never forget how amazing she looked.

These boots would inspire any bride to have a winter wedding! Love them!!!



I’m loving these winter bouquet ideas. The feathers really add a wintery (and vintage) feel to these bouquets. The grey color of dusty miller and berries also make ¬†great additions to a winter wedding bouquets.

Dusty Miller and Berries

Yummm, the cake. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it cool enough outside to serve hot chocolate and marshmallows with your wedding cake! Seriously, I just inspired myself to go make a hot coco! Ha!



As much as I love the winter furs, I also love the idea of the sweater wraps, and they do seem more practical for a San Antonio winter.


Lighting always adds depth to your wedding decor. During the winter time, blue is definitely the color to go with. Blue gives you the look and feeling of ice and coolness.

Here is to many happy winter weddings happening in San Antonio over the next two months-xoxo, Teresa